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Glazed Windows

Fitting uPVC Window

We can assist you in choosing from a varied range of window styles, colours, sizes and type which will match up perfectly to your home. 

Range of Doors

uPVC doors

Our door range includes Patio doors, Bi-folding doors, French doors and uPVC that will blend seamlessly into the feel and look of your house. 


uPVC Conservatories

You can increase usable living spaces and the overall value of the home, when you choose from traditional conservatories that offer the very best in performance when it comes to your investment. 

About Our Window Company

Our double-glazing company is situated in Leicester. However, we offer our professional services to all the major cities in the United Kingdom. Our conservatories, windows and doors on offer are backed with our 10-year insurance guarantee.

In addition to that our business was originally founded on a principle to provide the very best products to all of our customers. We also have a belief in offering exceptional installation services, along with professional and reliable after-sales services. All of this is accompanied by offering services and products at highly competitive prices.

We have an understanding about how important double-glazed windows are. This window type protects your home, retains warmth in your home and reduces your energy bills, which is one of the reasons why we proudly provide our glazing services.

If you would like to find out more on what type of services we provide, or you are shopping around for different quotes, do not hesitate to call us, or you can even ask for a call back.

The Advantage of the Double Glazed Window

Double-glazed windows may be associated with higher prices, but they are definitely worth the added cost. The great news about this type of investment is that you will save money over the long-term, which means the initial layout will eventually pay for themselves.

For example, a double-glazed window is able to retain at least 10% more heat in your home, which means you will use your central heating a bit less. In addition to that, the double-glazed windows offer an added security layer to the home, which could help you to save more money when it comes to your home-insurance.

Some of the standout benefits of the double-glazed windows include:

- Security

- Low maintenance

- Increase your property value

- Energy efficient

- Retains heat

Keep Outside Noise Out

New windows can end up costing you a lot more money when you the product is not of high-quality, which is the reason why the bespoke windows have been designed to offer a much tighter fit. This will add more warmth and security to your home and reduce unwanted noises. This means if you reside in an area that is noisy or near to busy roads, it will still be quiet in your home. 

How Much Do Double-Glazed Windows Cost?

Typically, you will pay between £350 to £750 for the double-glazed windows that range between 60x90 uPVC or the 90x120 uPVC windows.

There are other factors that contribute to the price, such as the amount of windows needed and window sizes.

For example, if you own a three-bedroom semi-detached home in Leicester where you will need 12 windows, the average price will be around £4,000. However, you will still need to consider factors like the size or numbers of windows that you need. You may want to include a new front door, which will add to the costs or any other features you would like included.

Double Glazed Window Types


The casement window hangs with one or more hinges. These windows will either open-up from the top or the side from the site of installation.

If you are looking to provide the home with continuous ventilation, casement windows are the ideal choice.


The sash window comes with small panels, with a few that are separated by small bars. The sash window is found more commonly in the older homes and offer a unique appeal to them.

However, finding a natural looking sash window in the uPVC styles is not easy, especially if you prefer them to be double-glazed.

Tilt Turn

The tilt-turn window offers a modern appeal and are a popular choice for many home owners. They offer outstanding performance, with a dual-turn window that offers a similar look to the sash windows.

The tilt-turn window is the ideal choice if you prefer a window that opens inwardly, or when you want your windows slightly or fully opened.

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