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With an assortment of doors, double glazed windows, and conservatories, our team provides world-class service across the UK. To begin, please call now for a detailed quote for your windows based home improvement project.

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Fitting uPVC Window

We provide a fully customised solution based on style, type, size, and colour to deliver an optimal solution for your home so that it fits in with your existing property.

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uPVC doors

Whether it is a bi-folding door, French doors, uPVC, or a patio door, our company guarantees access to the ideal option for your property.

Bespoke Conservatories

uPVC Conservatories

With the help of a high-quality conservatory, gain access to additional living space and bolster the value of your house.

About Us

uPVC Bay Window

Situated in the heart of London, Glazier Windows is a reputable double glazing company with many years of expertise and experience installing windows, doors and conservatories.

Our team covers various areas within the UK, supplying and fitting glazed windows, conservatories, and doors while offering a 10-year guarantee.

In addition, we are a company built on the shoulders of excellence and promise to deliver world-class products to all of our customers regardless of your location. Our vision is to promote access to professional installation and after-sales service that is second to none.

Customers can trust us in providing a budget-friendly quote for their secondary glazing London.

There is nothing more important than quality windows and we deliver solutions worth investing in. These materials keep the house warm, reduce energy bills, and protect your property.

For more on what we are all about, please give us a call and have a specialist assist you in moving forward with a company you can trust. 

The Advantages 

While double glazed windows are a costly investment, they come with a beautiful set of advantages. Over the long haul, you will reap the rewards of this investment and realise the value of spending money on high-quality windows. In the end, the investment pays for itself as the costs are recuperated.

These windows are able to improve your London's property insulation by 10% and ensure central heating is far more effective. Double Glazing is also known to offer tremendous security and can help with home insurance quotes.

Additional benefits of double glazing can include: 

  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Security
  • Improved Property Value
  • check
    Improved Heat Retention
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    Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Reduce Noise Pollution 

When it comes to new windows, there is nothing better than a world-class solution, which is why customised products are worth the investment. Double glazed windows can ensure the fitting is immaculate as they keep the property safe, warm, and quiet. No one wants to listen to the unwanted noise and that's where these windows help out. Whether it is a busy area or a noisy road, everything should be kept outside with the help of double glazed windows.

Cost of Double Glazing

The cost will depend on the house but can range from £350 to £750. In this case, the windows will come out to be somewhere between 60x90 uPVC windows-90x120 uPVC windows.

Please note, there are multiple variables at play when it comes to the price point. These variables can include the size of your windows and how many windows are going to be worked on.

For example, individuals with a semi-detached home and 12 windows will end up paying around £4,000, while others may end up paying a lot more as the numbers increase. It is always best to keep these details in mind before investing. A customer may also look at adding a new door and that will ramp up the costs too. These features are going to come with a specific cost attached to them.

Types of Glazed Windows 

 Casement Windows

These windows are designed to hang by a single hinge and are going to open to a specific side.

Casement windows can be an ideal option for those looking to keep the property fully ventilated. 

Sash Windows

These windows offer small panels, which are distinguished by the small bars in between.

Sash windows can often be noticed in older properties and do fit the theme. Of course, the uPVC style of modern sash windows is all about keeping things natural, which can be difficult in other options. 

Tilt Turn windows

These are among the most adored options when it comes to windows. They are dual-turn solutions with tremendous performance metrics. They look good and can work well as a replacement for sash windows.

These are indeed great solutions for those wanting to keep the windows open from the inside and want to keep them in this position throughout the day.

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